Microdermal Implant Aftercare

  • How long does a new microdermal implant take to heal?

    Microdermal implants take 6 months to heal completely, and the attachment on top should not be changed any earlier than 6 months from the time of the procedure. This gives the bonds under the skin time to strengthen enough to withstand unscrewing the attachment.
    Once fully healed you can change your microdermal top at will, ensuring you always have clean hands and use clean, high quality jewellery. If you would rather I did/organised this for you please just get in touch.

    Even after it is totally healed, do not leave your attachment off your microdermal implant for long periods of time as the skin can begin to grow over the plate stem.

    Please note, the 6 month healing period is just a guide so if your microdermal implant takes longer to fully settle, don’t worry, your body just needs more time. Listen to your body.

    Please note that as an implant, microdermals have a higher rejection rate in comparison to other piercings, and therefore need to be cared for correctly. It is impossible to guarantee how long your microdermal will last - that is totally up to your body, but with committed care the chances improve drastically.

  • How do I clean and care for my piercing?

    To clean, I recommend purchasing a bottle of NeilMed Piercing Aftercare Mist / Wipes which are available to purchase in store.
    Take a clean cotton pad with clean or gloved hands and spray one side with the NeilMed solution. Place the cotton pad over your microdermal and allow the solution to soak the piercing, loosening any discharge. While doing this, use your finger to place firm, even pressure on the microdermal for 5-10 minutes. This helps the plate to settle under the skin and reduces the risk of rejection.
    Then using a clean piece of kitchen roll, dry the area thoroughly and, using the edge of the kitchen roll, slide it under and around the attachment to remove any discharge underneath.
    Do this twice a day for the full healing period.

  • The "Do's" and "Do Not's"

    DO: enure your hands are always clean or gloved when handling your microdermal implant.
    DO: get plenty of turmeric into your diet as this will act as an anti-inflammatory and help speed up your healing. It also prevents the need for over consumption of painkillers.
    DO: wash your hands thoroughly after petting any animals and do not let them near the area of your new microdermal implant. If animals have slept in your bed, ensure you change your sheets before getting into bed with your new microdermal implant.
    DO NOT: get a microdermal implant if you cannot commit to caring correctly for it and ensuring that it is always kept clean.
    DO NOT: sleep on your new microdermal until fully healed.
    DO NOT: touch, twist or fiddle with your microdermal implant.
    DO NOT: remove the jewellery when cleaning or for any other reason.
    DO NOT: go to the gym / sauna / steam room / pool / sea etc until fully healed.
    AVOID: getting any hair or products on your piercing including soap, shampoo, lotions, sprays, makeup etc.
    AVOID: wearing clothing that will be tight or rub on the area.

  • Things to expect

    While you may not get all of the below symptoms, all of them are a possibility and totally normal for a fresh or healing microdermal implant so please don’t worry if you develop any of the following:

    Swelling, soreness, redness, localised bruising. Bleeding (particularly in the first few days or after catching your piercing) can also occur. You will also get a crust on your piercing (this is called lymph fluid) - this is a substance your body produces to heal itself. Clean this away by using your NeilMed solution. Do not pick or scrub the crust off as this can damage the skin underneath and make the piercing sore. Also use this method to remove dried blood.

    If you are concerned or unsure please contact me via instagram or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I can take a look for you.

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