Jewellery Downsizing

  • When can I downsize my jewellery?

    After 2-4 weeks a downsize is recommended. This is where your piercer puts in a shorter bar that is flush to your skin, replacing the original bar which is extra long to allow for swelling. Once your swelling has receded the long bar is redundant and can cause irritation, migration, granulomas etc. A downsize helps to prevent this.

    Please book to arrange a downsize. Do not do your downsize yourself at home as the inside channel of your piercing will not be fully healed and therefore will need an experienced hand to change it.

    After your downsize, do not change your jewellery again for the remainder of the healing time. Once fully healed you can change your jewellery at will, but please ensure you always have clean hands and you use clean, high quality jewellery. If you would rather I did/organised this for you, please just get in touch.

    If you would like specific jewellery to be used for your downsize, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to booking and I can organise this for you. Alternatively, plain jewellery is included or you can upgrade to something jazzy from the cabinet on the day.

    Book a Downsizing Appointment

Piercing Checkups

  • When should I book a checkup?

    If you have any concerns about any of your piercings, please book a checkup at Pricking Thumbs and I will be more than happy to help you in resolving any issues that you may be having.

    Book a Piercing Checkup

Do you still have questions?

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